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Upcoming workshops:

Anti-inflammatory Eating + Lifestyle Weekend Workshop.

An Online workshop highlighting the benefits of anti-inflammatory eating and lifestyle choices for our every day living as well as our future health. This weekend workshop focuses how ALL of our wellness-related choices can impact inflammation in our body and how we can minimize and prevent further issues. This includes everything that we eat, to what we use on our skin, to what we consume mentally. Each participant will include an easy to follow guide, a 5 day meal plan with recipe and grocery list as well as 24/7 coaching from a holistic nutrition consultant, daily posts in an exclusive group, 1 optional live meet, and more! April 1-3rd. 

$75+ tax

Closed workshops:

Family + Food: January 30th - February 6th. *Jan 30/31 weekend + extension for the remainder of the week. Online workshop focused on helping families nourish their body with healthy food choices, food strategies, and food education.  A five day, or week meal plan (depending on if you choose the weekend or week option) with recipes and grocery list included; as well as: 24/7 coaching from a holistic nutrition consultant, daily posts, 1-2 live meets to discuss family-health related topics and ask questions, and more!

Weekend Cost: $69; Week Cost: $89

Summer Self: May 6th - May 27th. Online workshop focused on helping women build healthy habits to live balanced, happy, healthy lives - with a weight loss focus. 7 day workout program and 7 day meal plan included; as well as: 24/7 coaching from a holistic nutrition consultant and personal trainer, goal setting tips, supplement information, positive self talk and affirmation guidance, a community of like-minded women, and more!

Early bird registration ends May 1st ($109 + GST).

Regular registration cost $129 + GST.

Food 101: February 17th - March 3rd. Online workshop. Learn how food affects your body and how to create lifelong, healthy habits. Food combining, foods women should be incorporating into their diet more, meal prepping - are just some of the topics that will be discussed. Meal plan, recipes, grocery lists all included. Cost: $69.