Working with Jami has been wonderful. I've tried working with a few other people, but they never really understand the different levels and needs of a diabetic. I've also gained the ability to focus more on the positive aspects of life. The gratitude journal has been incredibly helpful. I was against it in the beginning, but have come to love it. She works with your entire person. Mind, body, and lifestyle.

Lyssa M

Your suggestions have been gold. Thanks Jami!

Megan S

Thank you so much! I felt better so quickly and you [Jami] did an amazing job curbing the cravings with some sweet options and carb options. It's so well balanced I love it!

Leah P

[The meal plan] has been really great! Although I haven’t been following it strictly, I’ve noticed that I have been sleeping better and have more energy. I feel so good (physically and mentally).

Lauren W

I didn't feel an ounce of hunger all day. Even now when I want to eat out of the pantry, I'm still good!

Katie M

I'm now three months into working with Jami and have lost 10 pounds. The great thing is I know the weight is gone for good! Jami has educated me on how to create a healthy lifestyle vs. dieting and has even shown me how food connects to my mental well–being. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you, Jami!

Sarah P