A one time, personal nutrition + wellness session for women who have questions and are looking for support related to nutrition (gut health, food sensitivities, inflammatory foods, etc.) and things related to other physical and mental wellness areas: stress management,  goal setting, fitness. Gain an understanding of how to create a healthy mind-body-spirit starting with food.


After the consult, together we will decide the most appropriate plan moving forward to address the concerns and goals discussed in the consult. Some add-on options include:

  • Diet + Lifestyle Analysis: client records a 3-5 day reflection of their dietary and lifestyle habits for us to review and give detailed feedback on based on the individual's goals. This one has been proven to be quite successful in sustainable results for people we've worked with.
  • Food Senstivity Test Referall: if there is a chance some of the symptoms the person is experiencing could be related to food sensitivites, a referall can be made to a Naturopath for blood work. Once the results come back, typically the individual will work with us to create a meal plan to address the sensitivities, as well as begin working to heal the person's gut health

  • Anti-inflammatory Education + Package: if inflammation is indentified in the consult and the client chooses this option to move forward with, they will receive an anti-inflammatory guide, as well as a choice of general or personalized meal plan option.

  • Further food education + coaching sessions: can be scheduled biweekly and can be used to get feedback on the client's own eating habits or weekly food plans, to learn more about food itself and the best ways to use it to best nourish our bodies, to learn about intuitive eating and how to have a positive relationship with food (and the importance of developing that habit), etc.

*Most add-ons come with an additional cost.



All meal plans start off with a 7 day guide. The guide includes ALL meals + snacks, recipes, and a grocery list. There are two options for most meal plans:

1. General - does not include specific portions

2. Personalized - specific portions and calories listed


Pregnancy & Pregnancy Planning

Whether you're already pregnant or trying to conceive, we offer programs to help you feel your best during this empowering and yet, sometimes, challenging stage of life.

The same services as the one-on-one basic or premium wellness package tailored to pre-pregnancy or pregnancy. The pregnancy packages help to ensure both you and your soon-to-be babe are getting the proper nutrients needed for a healthy pregnancy. They also help to ensure proper pregnancy weight gain.



Two different packages that celebrate a new mom and her amazing body.

Packages come in basic or premium programs. They include the same services as the one-on-one basic or premium packages, tailored to post-partum needs.  Plus, additional emotional wellness resources to help women adjust to their new life while still ensuring to take time for self-care and self-love.

Group Packages & Workshops

These range from an evening or weekend workshop, to online programs addressing various health topics. The online workshops will be posted in advance and require advanced registration. Evening or weekend workshops can include healthy recipe creation, food education, non-toxic living topics, fitness, self-care, and self-love activities - with the occasional guest speaker! We also love to bring in our natural, plant-based, chemical free, self care products from our online shop.


Bachelorette Package

Are you or is someone you know a health junkie who would love a unique bachelorette experience? This fun afternoon event include topics such as: what types of food to eat to look great for the big day, what foods to avoid on your big day, stretch and breath activities, gratitude activities to show the bride how loved she is, the importance of friendship and wellness, and more. The bride will also receive a self care package filled with a few goodies from our online shop!

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Girls' Night Out

Looking for a fun, different girls' night out? Consider a Healthy Hosting workshop. In this two hour evening program, we provide everything from healthy appetizer making classes and healthy recipe examples to tips on how to have an inclusive, fun-filled evening with great conversation - especially when hosting an event where not everyone knows each other. We also include activities to bring your friendship to a deeper level. In addition, we have a self care package where we bring in and discuss some of the products in our online shop. Have some different ideas? Share them and we will customize an evening for you and your girls.


Corporate & Community

Hire us to host a wellness workshop, a lunch and learn, or a staff meeting session for your employees. Topics may include: 10 minute wellness activities, how to reduce workplace stress, how to build positive work relationships to enhance wellness, women and wellness: empowering each other to be well (a focus on social wellness), foods that boost moods and energy, foods and focus at the workplace.

Is there a specific topic you want us to address? We'd love to hear about it and customize a workshop tailored to your individual needs.

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Are you interested in a service above? Do you have questions about any of the services we provide? Contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you determine which service is best suited for you.