5 Tips to Creating a Balanced Life

Let’s face it, as women we are busy and often we can find ourselves burnt out. Thankfully, there are ways to help live a more balanced life.

  1. Schedule in “you time”. Whether it is a thirty minute workout or thirty minutes scrolling through social media to have some quiet time alone, schedule it in. Make it non-negotiable to miss. There are 1440 minutes in a day, surely you deserve 30.
  2. Find a way to be active that you enjoy. We all know exercise is important but some of us truly dislike the gym. Try out other options: yoga, indoor rock climbing, barre, spin, etc. If you like it, you’ll be more likely to do it!
  3. Limit screen time. How often do you look down at your phone and wonder where the time went? Be mindful about your usage; it will free up a lot of time for other, more important, things.
  4. Meal prep. Eating healthy takes work. But, our time is precious. Meal prep on weekends. Try cutting up raw veggies for the week and cook one-two meals. Cook some extra sides: quinoa, rice. You’ll feel less rushed when you get home from work, kids’ practices, or whatever else you’re busy coordinating!
  5. Designate. You don’t need to do everything on your own. Ask for help. People are usually more than happy to help!

We would love to hear ways that help you keep balanced. Wishing you well xx.

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